Pool Lifesaving Programs in Schools

The sport of Pool Lifesaving involves students learning how to conduct water rescues in a safe and fun environment. Common events include: 

  • Manikin Tow 
  • Line Throw 
  • Rescue Tube Rescue 
  • Obstacle Race 

Events can be modified to suit new and confident swimmers, allowing all students to participate. 

What will our students learn?

  • Vital lifesaving skills that will last a lifetime 
  • How to work in a team to achieve a common goal 
  • Skills and knowledge to participate in the sport with a Swimming and Lifesaving Club

Primary School Carnivals - Aquatic Activities

Introduce Pool Lifesaving activities into your swimming carnival in addition or in place of novelty events. Royal Life Saving WA can provide equipment and support on or prior to the carnival to aid in facilitating these events. Click below for an outline of activities that can be implemented into carnivals. 

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High School Carnivals - Pool Lifesaving Events

Introduce the sport of Pool Lifesaving to your swimming and sports curriculum. Royal Life Saving WA offers equipment and development sessions to provide the skills and training to your teachers. Click below for a complete list of events. 

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Want to learn more? 

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