Teenager saves a life with CPR

10 January 2018

When 15-year-old Stanley McFarlane saw a woman lying motionless on the ground near his school, Christ Church Grammar, he immediately went to her aid.

Having trained in CPR through school, Stanley was able to administer around 20 compressions of CPR while instructing his father to call for an ambulance.

After the 20 compressions, the woman took a gasp of air. Over the phone, the emergency services instructed Stanley to continue giving compressions, which brought her round to a conscious state. Stanley then put her in the recovery position and reassured her before she was taken away by ambulance.

“It was the fact that Royal Life Saving WA provided this course at Christ Church Grammar School that meant that Stanley was equipped to save this woman’s life,” Stanley’s mum Janelle says.

“He was so calm and well prepared, and made me extremely proud.” For his brave actions Stanley received a Royal Life Saving Gold Medallion Bravery Award.

If you know someone who's saved a life nominate them for a Bravery Award at the link below!

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