Emergency Lanyards

When faced with a real-life emergency, anxiety is high and thought processes can become inhibited. This is why Royal Life Saving recommends that Lifeguards and aquatic facilities have Emergency Lanyards to assist staff in responding efficiently. 

Emergency Lanyards will provide a step-by-step guide and a simple reminder to help you responding to the emergency situation.

Please Contact Us to arrange a quote or to find out more information about obtaining Emergency Lanyards for your aquatic facility.

Our Emergency Lanyards are water-proof and produced on tear resistant paper to ensure their longevity. The Emergency Lanyards provide step-by-step guides for the following:

  • Emergency Contact Numbers
  • Code Red: Fire Emergency
  • Code Blue: Medical Emergency
  • Code Purple: Bomb Threat
  • Code Yellow: Internal Emergency
  • Code Brown: External Emergency
  • Code Black: Personal Threat
  • Code Orange: Evacuation

Code Blue Emergency Lanyard imageEmergency lanyard Code Red imageEmergency Lanyard Code Yellow imageEmergency lanyard Code Purple image

Royal Life Saving understands how important it is for all public aquatic centres to have effective and efficient emergency plans in place. It's also important for staff to be able to effectively carry out these plans in the event of an emergency.

To request a quote for Emergency Lanyards at your aquatic facility, please click the link below.

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