Chemical manifest requirements

Does your school comply with chemical manifest requirements?

Royal Life Saving Society WA wants to ensure school pools across our state are managed to the highest possible standard to ensure the safety of children using them.  One of the major risks of having a pool is the need to hold quantities of chemicals on site for the disinfection of swimming pool water. We have produced a free fact sheet for download to assist you in ensuring your chemicals are stored in accordance with all relevant regulations.

What is a chemical manifest?

A chemical manifest is a document which contains information pertaining to the location of chemicals on your school grounds, and the maximum amount of chemicals you can hold at any one time.

The chemical manifest includes a diagram of the school site indicating:

  • Chemicals location
  • Entry to the chemical area
  • Location of the manifest/s
  • Entries to the school site

Why do I need a chemical manifest?

In the event emergency services had to attend your site for any reason there must be a strategy in place to manage the risk posed by the chemicals you are storing. You must have accurate and current records of what chemicals you are storing, their quantities and where they are held.

Clearly detailing the location of chemicals on your site assists emergency services, key staff and evacuation wardens to ensure the safety of all persons, and reduce the opportunity for a moderate risk to become a catastrophe due to poor record keeping.

Download our chemical manifest fact sheet here.

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