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WHY are toddlers at risk of drowning?

Kids can't help themselves around water. All toddlers are vulnerable to drowning, regardless of their behaviour, personality or development, with children between the ages of 1 and 2 years at greatest risk.

As babies grow into toddlers and begin to explore the world around them, water is an attractive prospect. They're naturally drawn to water but can't understand the dangers of falling in.

Young children tend to be top-heavy and can easily topple into water as they lean over or reach for an object. Toddlers usually lack the physical coordination and cognitive ability to apply their swimming skills in an emergency situation.

Drowning is a silent event and children don’t tend to cry out for help or thrash about in the water. They can swallow water, sink and lose consciousness in less than one minute.

All of this can lead to tragic consequences if an adult doesn't have a close eye on children at times when they have access to water.

WHERE are toddlers at risk of drowning?

Any amount of water poses a risk to young children. In Western Australia, home swimming pools continue to pose the biggest risk, accounting for two-thirds of all toddler drowning deaths.

Bath tubs are the second most common drowning location.

Inflatable paddle pools, buckets, fishponds, dams and even pet water bowls are all potential drowning hazards.

Drowning can be prevented! 

  • Supervise - Always keep watch of your child around water
  • Restrict - Restrict your child's access to water at all times
  • Teach - Teach your child water safety skills
  • Respond - Learn CPR and call Triple Zero (000) in an emergency

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