Water Safety Talks

3 Muslim girls wearing lifejackets

As children and teenagers become more independent, it is essential that they have the right knowledge, skills and attitude to be safe when they are in, on and around the water.

The Water Safety Talks are interactive workshops equipping participants with the following knowledge so they can actively and safely participate in aquatic activities:

  • Water safety (looking at different aquatic environments, dangers and key safety actions)
  • Safe rescue techniques (non-swimming rescue techniques; talk, reach, throw rescue)

Participants are engaged through hands on, interactive activities using photos, videos, rescue equipment, lifejackets, and more.

The Water Safety Talks are a classroom-based workshop; there are no requirements for practical work in the water. The Water Safety Talks are suitable for all ages and can be taught during a one-off workshop or broken down over a series of classes. For more information on swimming and water safety education in schools, please click here.

Basic water safety talks are also available for school children and community groups and aim to increase water safety education. If you require any further information or are interested in booking, please call (08) 9383 8200. 

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