Stage 1 Beginner

1. Safely enter water. Safe exit.

Must See Criteria:

Confident and safe entry. Confident and safe exit.

2. Exhale in water - Face in.

Must See Criteria:

Relaxed and confident exhalation.

3. Open eyes under water - Identify an object.

Must See Criteria:

Confidence; Ability to clearly identify an object.

4. Submerge - Waist deep (minimum)

Entire head underwater.

5. Glide forward and recover - Waist deep (minimum)

Must See Criteria:

Face in the water - exhaling; Near horizontal body position, arms extended in front of the head, recovery to a standing position.

6. Float or glide backward and recover. Flotation aid acceptable.

Must See Criteria:

Near horizontal body position; Recovery to a standing position.

7. Water Safety Sequence

Must See Criteria:

Confident entry into and exit from the water. Float for 10-15 seconds, with a flotation aid.


Learn how to be pulled to safety and develop the freestyle stroke by enrolling in Stage 2 - Water Discovery.
Stage 1 Swim and Survive Certificate

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