Stage 5 Water Sense

27. Freestyle - Swim 25m. Correct technique.

Must See Criteria:

Effective propulsion; Regular breathing; Confidence in completing distance.

28. Backstroke - Swim 15m. Correct technique.

Must See Criteria:

Near horizontal body position; Regular leg action; Correct hand entry.

29. Survival Backstroke - Swim 15m. Symmetrical leg action.

Must See Criteria:

Effective leg action; Below surface arm recovery; Confidence in completing distance.

30. Breaststroke - Swim 15m. Symmetrical leg action. 

Effective leg action; Toes turn out; Sculling hand action.

31. Demonstrate a surface dive. Shoulder deep. Recover an object.

Must See Criteria:

Breaststroke approach; Head first dive; Vertical descent.

32. Water Safety Sequence

Must See Criteria:

Step in entry. Scull for 60 seconds using a combination of survival sculling and horizontal sculling, keeping the face above water. Grasp a flotation aid thrown for support and swim for 60 seconds. Be pulled to safety by a partner.


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Stage 5 Water Sense Certificate

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