Stage 6 Junior

33. Freestyle - Swim 50m. Correct technique.

Must See Criteria:

Effective propulsion; Regular breathing pattern; Confidence in completing distance.

34. Backstroke - Swim 25m. Correct technique.

Must See Criteria:

Near horizontal body position; Effective propulsion; Confidence in completing distance.

35. Breaststroke - Swim 25m. Correct technique. 

Symmetrical leg action; Toes turn out; Correct timing.

36. Demonstrate a dive entry. Shoulder deep minimum required.

Must See Criteria:

Head first entry; Submersion of whole body; Confidence.

37. Water Safety Sequence

Must See Criteria:

Dive entry into deep water. Rotation of the tucked body keeping the face above water. Swim slowly for 3 minutes using two recognised survival strokes. Grasp aid thrown for support and kick to safety.


Learn the egg-beater kick technique used in water polo and extend your swimming and survival skills by enrolling into Stage 7 - Intermediate.
Stage 6 Junior Certificate

Test your water safety knowledge here.

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