Stage 8 Water Wise

42. Sidestroke - Swim 25m. Scissor kick required.

Must See Criteria:

Horizontal body position; Scissor kick; Alternating arm actions.

43. Demonstrate dolphin kick. Basic.

Must See Criteria:

Arms extended forward; Paired leg action.

44. Swim 200m. Correct technique.

Must See Criteria:

Backstroke - 50m, Freestyle - 50m, Breaststroke - 50m, Sidestroke - 25m, Survival Backstroke - 25m. Continuous swim with no rest; Confidence in completing 200m.

45. Water Safety Sequence.

Dressed in swimwear, shorts and t-shirt demonstrate: 2 minutes survival sculling, floating or treading water then; 3 minutes swimming slowly using three recognised strokes keeping the arms below the surface, changing each minute.


Learn how to complete a tumble turn used in competitive swimming, and basic principles of resuscitation by enrolling into Stage 9 - Senior.
Stage 8 Water Wise Certificate

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