Fundraise For Us

Royal Life Saving Society WA has a variety of ways that you can help to fundraise. 

Below are a few ideas, but please feel free to contact us with any other ideas that you have in mind and we can help you with any resources you require. Click on our current fundraising initiatives below to get started!

Raffle Books

We hold raffles across the year with chances to win some great prizes. You can order a raffle book to sell to your friends, family and work colleagues.


Lifesavers are a popular choice at workplaces and businesses and they reflect our favourite message - 'Everyone can be a lifesaver!'. 


Nest Quackers on your counter to collect small coin donations from customers.

Containers for Change

Recycle your drink containers through WA's container deposit scheme and quote our Scheme ID C10321241 to donate your refund.

Fowl Mouth

We all let the F-bomb slip sometimes, so we've created the "Don't Be a Fowl Mouth" fine system.  It's a great way to add a bit of fun to your day whilst helping us prevent drowning in the WA community.

Money Spinner

Money Spinners are an all-year-round fundraising initiative, whereby generous members of the community can make small donation in a fun way.

Thanks for your Containers for Change donations

We have received $273.10 from Containers for Change donations so far!

Every donation helps us in implementing our lifesaving programs.

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