Oxygen equipment safety

 Lifeguards administering oxygen to a patient

Oxygen equipment is a vital part of your lifesaving kit, and it's extremely important to ensure it's always in good working order.

Conducting some simple daily checks on the below pointers will ensure your gear stays in tip-top condition and will be of prime effectiveness when required.

  • Inspect the heat tab on the oxygen cylinder for any sign of exposure to heat.
  • Check tubing for splits or kinks.
  • Check the contents gauge and ensure the cylinder is at least half full.
  • Check you have the correct amount of resuscitation and therapy masks.


If you find that there is leaking present during these daily checks it is often that the Bodok seal is either damaged or missing. Please ensure this is in good working order and report any problems you find.

If you work across a range of different aquatic facilities you will find that there are a variety of brands of oxygen equipment used. This makes it even more important for you to conduct these daily checks and ensure you are aware of where the equipment is located and how it is operated in each facility.

Being familiar with the emergency equipment available and where to find it could save valuable seconds and minutes when you need to respond to an emergency.

Remember to make these checks daily to ensure the readiness of yourself and your gear is at an optimum level!


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