School Teacher Aquatic Rescue Training

The School Teacher Aquatic Rescue Training (START) course will provide participants with the skills and knowledge of aquatic safety to ensure students are effectively supervised in both closed and open aquatic environments. The START course is one day of training at the pool and beach. 

The components include: 

  • Theory assessment 
  • Resuscitation 
  • 400m continuous swim at the pool
  • Survival and rescue skills 
  • Spinal injuries 
  • Risk assessment and checklist 
  • 100m run, 100m swim, 100m run at the beach 
Training options: 
  • An individual can book into a public training course. This course is completed at various locations throughout WA. 

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  • A group booking can be arranged for eight or more students at an aquatic centre of your choice or your school pool.

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Servite College teachers are ready to rescue

Servite teachers practising rescue skills during their training at Royal Life Saving WA

For the 10th year in a row, Servite College has participated in the School Teachers Aquatic Rescue Training course. 

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Tips for taking students to the water

Direct students to areas appropriate to their level of swimming. If you are unsure, always assume the child is a non swimmer.

Instruct on safety rules prior to entering the water. 

Students need to be in sight of a supervising adult at all times. 

The aquatic supervision ratio should be observed at all times.