DRSABCD Action Plan

The Royal Life Saving DRSABCD Action Plan is a vital aid in assessing whether a casualty has any life-threatening conditions and if any immediate first aid is necessary.

The DRSABCD emergency action plan involves seven steps:


Check for any danger in the immediate vicinity.


Check if the casualty is responsive. Ask if they are ok, squeeze their shoulders.

Send for help

Call 000 for an ambulance, or ask someone else to make the call.


Clear any obstruction of the airways and place casualty in the recovery position.


Check for breathing. If they are not breathing normally (less than 2 breaths in 10 seconds), start CPR.


30 chest compressions followed by 2 breaths. Continue this until help arrives or the casualty recovers.


Attach an AED as soon as possible if there is one available.


  Adults & Children  Infants 
 Head Tilt Full  Neutral 
 Hand Placement Centre of Chest 

30 Compressions : 2 Breaths
(2 compressions per second)

 Compression Depth 1/3 for all ages 


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This information is NOT a substitute for first aid training. Royal Life Saving Society WA recommends that everyone is trained in first aid and CPR. 

Why Learn first aid and CPR?

Learning first aid can save lives. People die every day from sudden cardiac arrest, because family members, friends, and bystanders don't know how to respond effectively. Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (or CPR) is easy to learn, and our training is available all over the Perth and regional areas of Western Australia to instruct people how to deal with cardiac arrest, and many other life threatening emergencies. Learning first aid is a simple way to save a life. You can prepare yourself to act in an emergency by attending one of our many first aid training courses. Please remember that "Everyone can be a lifesaver".

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Learn CPR and save a life!

Research shows CPR can double or triple a person’s chance of survival.

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Whether you're a business, a sporting club or a group of friends getting together to learn new skills, Royal Life Saving WA can offer a group session for your private group of 8 people or more. We'll tailor our training courses to suit your group's specific needs.

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