Infant CPR

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Research shows that a majority of people facing an emergency situation will provide first aid treatment or cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) to a family member or a person they know. This can be confronting and scary for anyone, although having the skills and knowledge to deal with an emergency can make all the difference.

The best way to put yourself at ease is to enrol in a course and learn the practical skills to handle an emergency. Enrol in one of our resuscitation courses at the link below.

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If you are a parent with an infant (12 months and under) - or perhaps you look after an infant for a friend or family member - it’s important to remember that there are differences between performing CPR on an adult and an infant.

The below table shows the basic techniques for adult and infant CPR.

  Adults & Children  Infants 
Hand Placement  CENTRE OF CHEST
Ratio  30 compressions : 2 breaths
Compressions per minute  100 - 120
Compression depth  1/3 of CHEST
Technique  2 HANDS 2 FINGERS

Watch video on infant CPR chest compressions

View the 20 second video below to see the techniques for performing CPR chest compressions on an infant.

Why are infants heads kept in a neutral position?

In an infant, the upper airway is easily blocked because of the narrow nasal passages, the entrance to the windpipe (vocal cords) and the trachea (windpipe). The trachea is soft and pliable and may be distorted by excessive backward head tilt or jaw thrust. Therefore, in an infant the head should be kept neutral.

Remember the DRSABCD action plan

DRSABCD emergency action plan by Royal Life Saving WA


This information is NOT a substitute for first aid training. Royal Life Saving Society WA recommends that everyone is trained in first aid and CPR.

Why you should update your CPR skills.

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Research shows a person's skills in CPR decrease by 50% after just two months if they haven't practised the skill. Update your CPR certificate now!

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Know someone who's saved a life?

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