Respectful treatment of a casualty

A CPR casualty is administered with care by two first aid practitioners

Royal Life Saving WA has a long and proud tradition of training instructors in handling casualties with respect and a high level of care. The below information serves as a reminder of our dedication to promoting and performing respectful behaviour towards all.

Cultural awareness is required when treating casualties from diverse backgrounds. You may be assisting someone from a non-English speaking background, which may require a combination of verbal and non-verbal communication. Ensure sensitivity is always used to identify issues that may cause conflict or misunderstanding.

When dealing with the aged or infirm it is important to treat the casualty with respect. When moving them you need to ensure care is taken. It is important to use clear and concise information they will understand when providing instructions. Be aware of things such as hearing difficulties, speech and sight difficulties.

Effective communication is of the utmost importance; the aim is to gain trust and provide reassurance. When treating a casualty, it is important that you explain what you are doing and why you are doing it.

Remember the casualty is probably scared and may become aggressive or tearful and you as the first aid provider need to be able to stay calm and reassure the casualty at all times.

If you are performing first aid or CPR in the workplace remember to follow all relevant workplace policies and procedures.

When you are dealing with children it is vitally important that you ensure the language you use is appropriate for their age.

In the interests of providing first rate first aid and other forms of life saving assistance, Royal Life Saving WA is at the forefront of maintaining high levels of cultural awareness and ensuring sensitivity at all times.

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