little girl smiling in a pool
Recent research has found that one in seven Australians live in a house with a swimming pool or spa. While pools and spas offer a fantastic way to have fun outside and enjoy physical activity, it's vital that homeowners understand the importance of safety around these amenities.

Child drowning and injury are a major risk for all pool owners. As with all sources of water around the home, it's important to adhere to the Keep Watch principles of Supervision, Restricting Access, Teaching swimming skills, and learning CPR.

Barrier Compliance

A compliant barrier is an essential part of home pool safety. There are laws in Western Australia that mandate the installation of a safety barrier to enclose private swimming pools and spas.

Royal Life Saving WA can help you to ensure your home swimming pool barrier meets the Australian Standard and Western Australian requirements by conducting a Barrier Inspection.

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Advice and Tips for Home Pool Owners

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