The 30 Second Challenge

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If you own a boat, or head out on one regularly, it’s important to be prepared for emergencies. Many boaters will be aware of the safety equipment they should have on board, but they’re often less likely to have actually needed to use it. While overall this is a good thing (the less incidents the better), safety equipment that is stowed away and forgotten about or, worse, not readily accessible can be a problem if the need to use it ever arises. 

If your safety equipment is tucked away somewhere on board that you can't access quickly or it's been sitting there gathering dust, perhaps it’s time you gave the 30 Second Challenge a try!

What is the 30 Second Challenge?

The 30 Second Challenge is an initiative from the Department of Transport to test your readiness for an emergency response on board a vessel. Data from boating incidents has shown that the number of boating tragedies could be limited by improved accessibility and maintenance of safety gear.

The challenge tests whether you can successfully gather your flares and EPIRB, make a radio call and put on a lifejacket within 30 seconds. The challenge is conducted at various marine events and boat ramps around Western Australia, with prizes for those who complete the challenge the fastest.

But you can also try this challenge yourself! Watch the video to see how it can be done, then grab a timer and see how your skills stack up.

Test your readiness for an emergency

It takes practise to be able to do everything in under 30 seconds, so the next time you’re heading out why not give it a go? If this little guy can do it, anyone can. Great job, Harry!

Everyone can be a lifesaver.

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